On 27 May, a workshop will be held to identify animals at the Laboratorium Museum, by the Aranzadi Science Society. The objective is to facilitate the identification of animals. In addition, it will be used to present the "ornitho.eus" site and to train potential volunteers.

www.ornitho.eus website dedicated to all citizens is a platform on science, for the collection and dissemination of information on the nature of the Basque Country. Initiative coordinated by the Society of Sciences Aranzadi, has received the support of the Basque Government and the three Provincial Councils, it is also linked to the information system on the nature of the Basque Country. In addition, the platform has received the support of different Public Administrations, naturalistic associations and companies that work in the management of natural environments.

May is an ideal month to observe amphibians and reptiles, it is true that depends on the weather. Although within the group of vertebrates are the most threatened, society barely knows the herpetos (amphibians and reptiles). This course aims to compensate for this deficiency. In the course that will be held at the Laboratorium museum, we will have the opportunity to identify some invertebrates, in this case, odonates. The odonates are a very interesting group from the point of view of nature conservation, and training volunteers to obtain information about them is very important.

The workshop will be led by Ander Izaguirre (reptiles), Jon Lopez (amphibians) and Iñaki Mezquita (odonates).

The theoretical explanation of the course will be in the museum, while the walk to the mountain will serve to make a visualization in situ. The course, will be from 9:00 to 18:00. The course is free but you need to register to participate. It is advisable to register in the secretariat of Aranzadi, sending an email to the address idazkaritza@aranzadi.eus or by telephone to 943466142.

For more information, call the Laboratorium Museum (943769003).

Photo: Manuel Ocen