An anatomical model of an eye in the permanent exhibition

The LABORATORIUM museum is a service of Bergara Town Hall. The main theme taken forward in its permanent exhibition is innovation, and along with this the message that when faced with crisis situations, the fundamental tools needed to emerge victorious are a high standard of education, scientific research and the innovation arising from the previous two. The museum also tells us a story: the history of the Royal Seminary of Bergara. This institution was the birthplace of science in the Basque Country and achieved well-deserved renown as a science hub during the 18th and 19th centuries, in Spain as well as Europe. It had first-rate scientific infrastructure designed for both education and research.

In addition, the exhibition reserves a special area for scientific culture via a series of video interviews with the most relevant present-day scientific figures, such as Pedro Miguel Etxenike, Jesús Ugalde and Pérez Iglesias, among others. Their stories are interwoven with scientific pieces both old and innovative, as well as more modern technologies. A perfect combination!