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Thu, 2022/11/03 to Tue, 2023/01/31


  • December 26: 11:00 in basque; 17:00 in spanish
  • December 27: 11:00 in spanish; 17:00 in basque.

Guide: Janire Lamariano. Organic chemistry doctor.


Within the framework of the ZTB Conference, on november 3 the exhibition "Sustainable waste: fiction or reality" has opened, wich will remain in the temporary exhibition hall until January 31, 2023. The mayor of Bergara, Gorka Artola, and the person in charge of Laboratorium, Rosa Errazkin, highlighted and thanked in their interventions the collaboration of the agents who have contributed to the realization of the exhibition. Sustainability is the central theme addressed in the year´s ZTB conferences.

Susana Pérez, Pedro Mujika from Industrias Mujika and Iñigo Isasti from Jolas have collaborated in the exhibition; and Adriana Uribesalgo, from the company Kafea Eco, gave an account of the work being carried out in this line, coinciding with the exhibition route.

There are many signs that show that our way of life is no longer sustainable: climate change, pollution rates, overexploitation of resources, water shortage... The transition towards a new model based on recycling, reuse, repair and recovery is a challenge and a duty that we must all assume as soon as possible.

This exhibition has been planned as an introductory journey through the recycling and reuse of hausehold waste with the aim of showing that the change towards an alternative model of production and consumption that is respectful of the natural environment is possible.

The exhibition tells us about recovery, renewal and repair, working on each idea in a room.



Room 1 proposes a journey through the three production system that we humans have generally put into practice since the Industrial Revolution, namely the linear production system, recycling and the circular economy

In this introductory room we will find the fundamental keys to understand the differences between each of them through manipulative games, graphic diagrams and a magnificent audiovisual presentation provided by the Ellen McArthur Foundation.


In Room 2 we present examples of 6 types of waste that can be recycled and reused through different processes and strategies. Here we will learn that an old tire, a torn jacket or the used oil we get every day after cooking can have a new life cycle as a raw material to manufacture other products. The potential of waste is incredible!


In the last room of the exhibition we will learn about some success stories carried out in the Basque Country. We refer to business initiatives, some very young and recent and others with history of more than a century and a half of existence, which have been able to find in recycling and circular economy fruitfull way to develop proposals for the future that make economic development compatible with sustainability.

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