Noiztik noiz arte: 
Thu, 2021/03/04 to Sun, 2021/05/30

Bergara Town Council has presented the programme organised for International Women's Day at the Laboratorium Museum, which includes this new exhibition which will be open from 4 March till 30 May.

At the presentation, Rosa Errazkin, director of the Laboratorium, highlighted that "this is more than an exhibition of watercolours. It coincides with the character of the Laboratorium Museum, which is not just a museum, but is based on sustainability and novelty, as it aspires to be a driving force for development. And in this sense, we want to be agents in making visible the women who have made significant contributions to our history".


The origin of this exhibition is in a book, according to the director of Emakunde, Izaskun Landaida. "When Emakunde turned 30, we wanted to do something special and we thought of recovering the memory of 30 women from our town and collecting it in a book. To do this, the artist Elena Ciordia produced 30 watercolours". The exhibition has been made with the watercolours collected in the book.

The women who appear in the watercolours are very diverse: from scientists, musicians, painters, bertsolaris, politicians, writers, photographers, teachers, sportswomen... They are women who have made important contributions to the history of our country, "but our intention has not been to pay tribute to women who have only stood out in the public sphere. With this exhibition, as well as praising the work of these 30 women, we want to highlight and pay tribute to all those women who have worked in other less public and less spectacular fields. Because they have done work that is absolutely necessary and fundamental for our society and have not received the public recognition they deserve", said the director of Emakunde. 


The exhibition also proposes to collect names of other women. There is a panel where visitors can include names, photos and stories of other unforgettable women. This collection of names will take place not only in the exhibition, but also through social networks, with the hashtag #emakumeahaztezinak #mujeresinolvidables

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