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At the Laboratorium Museum in Bergara, we will hold an event to present the example of sustainability that we will hold an event to present the example of sustainability that we will be developing through the following actions:

1- We will open the event with a meeting with people related to the project to be presented and the areas of sustainability and recycling. The Laboratorium museum, Bergara Town Council, the textile company Evlox and Kotoi will take part in this meeting.

It will explain how each organisation works on sustainability in its day-to-day work and its cultural and ethical contribution through its actions.

2- The second activity will consist of two demonstrations with 9 looks each.

The first demonstration wil be given by Evlox. In it we will see prototypes manufactured by the company itself that show what fabric they have been working for 175 years.

The second demonstration will be given by Kotoi. Two designers present a collection of Evlox's textile waste. This collection is 100%sustainable, as it offers a chance to discarded materials, offering a responsible vision of our textile production.

3- Finally, we will have a quiet moment, in order to create a community atmosphere among the speakers, designers and attendees, we will have a lunch where we can be together and talk.


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